NYX goodies

Swatches; Raisin, Spice, Burgundy and Rose

NYX isn't a brand I often come by, but I hear great things about it on YouTube / the blogosphere. When I passed a local beauty shop and saw they were having a 30% sale on the brand, I couldn't resist having a peek.

I picked up the powder blushes in Raisin (left) and Spice (right). Raisin is a light taupe colour which has a lot of brown in it. The pigmentation of it is good and the powder applies very nicely to the skin. I bought this to use as a contour colour as I'd heard it's good for pale skin. I find it looks very natural and works better than the bronzer I was using. Spice is a dusty rose colour which is very pigmented; it's very easy to over-do it with this blush! It has a very faint silver shimmer running through it, but this barely shows up on the cheeks.

I've been really enjoying wearing lip pencils recently, skipping the lipstick altogether and creating a long-lasting stain with a pencil. I did want to pick up a red colour, but they didn't have any. Instead I opted for Burgundy (bottom) and Rose (top). I'm not quite as impressed with these as I am the blushes, although they're not horrible by any means. They both have a very dry texture (Rose more so than Burgundy), but as long as you apply them to nicely moisturised lips, I find they go on ok. The rubbish weather we have at the minute means my lips are dry a lot of the time, but when spring finally rolls around, I'm sure I'll get more use out of these.

Have you tried any NYX products before? What are your favourites?

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