Fun freebies - Eyeko Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner

I'm not a religious magazine reader by any means, preferring to get my fix of fashion, beauty and oh-so glossy adverts online. However, a fabulous freebie will often sway me, and when I saw the Eyeko Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner included in the Marie Claire August issue, I was sold.

Diane Kruger features as the cover star for this month's issue rocking a seriously smokey eye, while the editorial sees her modelling some stunning Chanel Haute Couture dresses, among others. What a lucky lady. Anyway, on to the eyeliner...

The box is deceiving, housing a slimline pen that could have come in one-third of the packaging, but alas. The pen itself is very sleek looking, with a secure lid which makes a reassuring click to let you know it's on properly and which should keep it from drying out. As the name suggests, the nib is very thin, tapering to an ultra-fine point which allows you to create a thin and precise line. Pigmentation is impressive and it dries to a slightly glossy finish, while the smudgeability – or rather lack of it – is its star quality. Once dry, it does not budge. I did some very scientific experiments (read: drew it on, counted aloud and tried to smudge it with my finger) and it takes just 10 seconds to set completely. Granted it doesn't give you much time for faffing, or room for error, but if you're looking for something that you know will still be there after a day at the office and beyond, this is the one for you. My only irk is that it feels slightly tightening as it dries on the skin. For removal, I've found Bioderma to be more than suffice, although it does require a few goings over, so gently does it.


What's your favourite way to wear liquid eyeliner? Do you prefer big and bold, or understated lines?

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