Belated Birchbox - February 2013

Box number two finally arrived after a pretty long delay. The contents were as follows:

Vichy Eau Thermale, 50ml. Although I've heard of the benefits of thermal water, I've never found a use for it or a place for it in my skincare routine. Perhaps this will come in handy when the warmer months roll around though.

Korres guava shower gel, 50ml. I've been curious to try more Korres products since my first foray into their lip butters a while ago (Quince, if you were wondering). The smell of this is lovely, very invigorating, and it lathers nicely. Not sure I'd pay for the full size version however, that seems excessive for a shower gel.

Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Plump 'N Thick, 59ml. This is a nice product, smells very zesty and does manage to add some volume to my hair. As with last month's KMS California Volumizing Spray, it should be applied to towel-dried hair before blow drying. Unfortunately, I'm too lazy to do this often, but I'm going to hang on to this for those special occasions that call for big hair.

EBOOST. Meh, not bothered by this.

Gerda Spillmann Bio-Fond cream make-up, 4.5g. I'd never heard of this Swiss brand, so it was nice to see it included in the box. The packaging says 01 / Praline... 01 leading me to think it's the lightest shade in the range, Praline, not so much. I can't even see this colour listed on the brand website, so I'm not sure if it is the lightest colour available, but it's much too dark for me. I would hope future boxes are better tailored to customer's beauty profiles as I won't be able to get any use out of this sample at all.

Eyelash curler. Perhaps my favourite from this month's box, this Birchbox branded eyelash curler has made a welcome addition to my makeup bag, where my old curler was looking a bit worse for wear.

As with last month, I'm left feeling a bit let down by the samples. Unless March's box is really impressive, I think I'll cancel my subscription. It seems like at the minute I'm paying £10 a month (plus P&P!) for samples which, while nice, I'm not overly excited about. I'd rather save up my pennies and splurge on a full-size item every now and then after doing some thorough research online. Are you subscribed to Birchbox in the UK? If so, what do you think of it so far?

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