NOTD: Primark floral nail wraps

I've eyed up nail wraps before from brands such as Essie but I'm always put off by the price. For only one application, anything over a couple of pounds seems excessive. I was therefore very happy to find these floral print wraps for only £1. Good old Primark. The application was a bit fiddly, granted, but I was impressed with the finished result. I applied these last Sunday and have only just removed them today - not out of necessity I might add, just because I wanted to paint my nails. A few nails were showing slight signs of wear and tear, with some chipping and wrinkling of the sticker. The floral pattern helped to hide this though, so it was pretty hard to spot. I'm definitely going to check out more of these; £1 for 7+ days wear, fingers crossed they have other nice patterns!


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