Ciaté Mini Mani Month - Day 4

Behind door number 4 was the first Caviar blend in the calendar. ‘Prom Queen' is a mix of hot pink, silver and dark blue pearls, with pink and silver glitter thrown in. I’ve been really looking forward to trying the Caviar blends and wasn’t disappointed. I had expected it to be an arduous job, but it was surprisingly easy and mess-free thanks to the included funnel. I opted for an accent nail with 'Cupcake Queen' (two coats) to complement it. I like the look of the Caviar blend, but I’d prefer a more neutral coloured / toned down version. It’s definitely not the most practical manicure, it doesn’t lend itself well to washing the pots or putting your socks on (the latter is a must, it's freezing outside), but it would make a nice special occasion nail.




  1. i don't know how i feel about the caviar. i think the texture would bother me and i'd probably rub the whole thing off after a week!


    1. Yeh, the texture is very weird, takes a little getting used to. I'm glad I've tried it, but don't think it's something I'll be reaching for too often. Just the odd time I want super jazzy nails!

      I wonder if using cake sprinkles would work as a test-run to see if you liked it before investing in the real thing..?

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