Ciaté Mini Mani Month - Day 3

Today's polish is 'Halo' - a clear-based, purple / blue holographic shimmer, which I think works best as a topcoat. I used one coat in the pictures below, though with two or three, it could look nice by itself. Layered over 'Dangerous Affair', the colour is transformed from a deep red to a purple shade, with the blue shimmer clearly visible (although somewhat difficult to photograph!). I'm going try this as a topcoat over some other polishes to see the effect it has and will post any nice combinations I come across. 

Overall, I'm not that keen on 'Halo', though I will try it out some more before donating to my sister, or some other worthy cause. Shimmery nail varnishes are not something I wear, preferring solid colours or all-out glitters, so for me, 'Halo' is just an odd middle ground...

Are you a fan of this nail varnish? Any suggestions on how to use it?

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