Ciaté Mini Mani Month - Day 16

Door number 16 revealed 'Big Yellow Taxi'. Although yellow is my favourite colour, I never opt to wear it as it looks weird against my pale skin and can make me look a bit ill. The formula is ok; I needed three coats to reach opacity as it was a little streaky with just two. As with other Ciaté polishes, it dries quickly so you need to apply an even coat in a pretty short time to avoid a streaky finish. It doesn't look quite as bright in the bottle as I was expecting (more like a dark pastel, if that makes sense...), although three coats on the nails give a rich, almost neon finish.

Three coats... sunglasses on
Deceptive in the bottle


  1. I've been on the lookout for a nice yellow nail polish. Not sure if I could bring myself to pay the price of a Ciate polish, but I definitely love how this looks! :)

    1. Yeh, £9 is pretty pricey. I think you could find a better formula for less money. I've heard great things about Revlon Buttercup, but it's a much paler yellow. Could be worth checking out?